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Vision & Values

Throughout our entire Carmeuse community, we are dedicated to setting the standard as the leader of our industry. We want to be the organization others reference, the company known for the care and respect we show for our people, our customers and the environment in which we live and upon which we all depend

Our Mission is to contribute to the well being of the people


However, leadership is not created; leadership is earned, and Carmeuse has built its success and its growth upon a vision and a set of values that are fundamental to how the company conducts business and how Carmeuse is perceived in all the areas and all the countries in which we operate.

Our Vision

Contributing to a better world by providing mineral based solutions and integrated Life cycle Services.

That statement shapes our company, our operations and our business activities. Most importantly, we pursue our mission according to a set of values we believe are essential to fulfilling our short- and long-term goals.

Our Values

The values below form the pillars of our company. They shape our operations and govern our business decisions. They represent a mandate that encompasses everyone connected with the Carmeuse, and they impact everyone with whom our people interact.

Equally important, our values are meant to inform, inspire and energize the entire Carmeuse community. They represent best practices, enlightened thinking and respectful behavior—the platform for our success, now and in the future.

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