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Carmeuse extracts and processes high-calcium limestone and dolomitic stone into lime and lime-related products for industrial and commercial customers around the world.

Calcite crystals from Carmeuse

Headquartered in Luxemburg, Carmeuse presently conducts operations and/or offices in more than 90 locations situated across Europe, Turkey, North and South America, Middle East & Asia and Africa.

What marks Carmeuse as a leader in its industry is the combination of cutting-edge technologies and a commitment to quality, coupled with a dedication to environmental care and resource management that is the standard in its field.

Even the various professionals who have been with Carmeuse for many years sometimes need a reminder of how important our products are to the fundamental industries that support modern lifestyles. Carmeuse products are essential to a variety of key industries that produce products and services essential to many aspects of daily life.

But the greatest source of the pride that we share stems from the values that make Carmeuse not just another lime and limestone supplier, but the company our customers and competitors look upon as a leader.

A leader in respecting the knowledge, diversity and cultures of our colleagues and customers. A leader in being responsible toward nature, the environment and our neighbors. A leader in promoting bold, creative solutions to the challenges of managing resources and ensuring the safety of our people.


  • Rodolphe Collinet

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    Rodolphe Collinet

    Group Chief Executive Officer

  • Yves Willems

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    Yves Willems

    President & CEO Carmeuse North America

  • Tim Van den Bossche
    Tim Van den Bossche

    CEO Europe

  • Danielle Knott
    Danielle Knott

    Group Chief HR Officer

  • Yves Schoonejans

    represented by

    Yves Schoonejans

    Group Chief Finance Officer

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