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Lime plant & Quarry in Zambia - April 2017

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A new State of the Art Lime plant and quarry in Zambia

Carmeuse has signed an agreement with Handyman’s Lime and Astro Quarries shareholders.

This agreement entrusts Carmeuse with the Management of the 200 kt/year modern Lime plant located in Ndola/Zambia. The plant and the quarry currently employ 111 people.

Carmeuse will bring its geological and technical expertise as well as its market knowledge to manage Handyman’s Lime assets in the same sustainable way as if it was a Carmeuse owned plant. The actual takeover of the management has been fixed on July 1st, 2017. In the meantime, technical and commercial teams are already actively collaborating.

Carmeuse Overseas has been commercially active on the copper belt market since 2010 and now develops as an industrial player to better serve its clients, primarily the copper and cobalt mines of Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo.

State of the Art Lime Plant in Zambia

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