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Carmeuse Majan supports a training program in Oman

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Carmeuse Majan LLC (SFZ) signed with Omani Bahjah Orphan Society an agreement to fund a three-years training program

Within the framework of the partnership in social responsibility and cooperation between the private sectorn and civil institutions, in an effort to support humanitarian and charitable cooperation, which constitutes a cornerstone for the sustainability on the community partnership between different sectors, Carmeuse Foundation support in Oman

Mr. Wael Abdalla, the General Manager of Carmeuse Majan LLC (SFZ) signed an agreement with Sheikh Abdulrab bin Salim Al Yafie, founder of the Omani Bahjah Orphan Society and the Vice President, to fund a three-year training program aimed at students enrolled in the Omani Bahjah Orphan Society through training programs that enrich their skills and abilities where these programs will result in long-term positive impact. The training programs will be held within the scientific and educational basis to serve this important segment of the community.

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