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Carmeuse invests in innovative, ultra-modern facility in Moha (Belgium)

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Moha, September 26, 2014 - Carmeuse has officially opened its new lime hydrator, installed on its Moha site. This facility allows Carmeuse to increase its production capacity, and transform lime into high performance hydrate to meet the most stringent standards in the market, including those required by the food industry. This investment confirms the commitment and full participation of Carmeuse to maintain and develop its industrial base in Wallonia. 

Walloon investment, advanced hydrating plant

For over 150 years, Carmeuse has developed its experience in the mining and processing of limestone and dolomite lime and its derivatives, investing in the continuous improvement of product quality and the services it provides to customers. Despite the crisis of 2008, the Group has continuously made ​​substantial investments in its Walloon sites, and Moha in particular. These have been directed towards greater efficiency, the implementation of innovative new facilities, as well as research and development.


In this context, Carmeuse has built a new lime hydrating plant at its site in Moha whose lime quality enables it to develop and commercialize new "high grade" products  meeting the requirements of an increasingly specialised market.


With this new facility that will cost more than € 12 million, the 94 employees of the Moha site enjoy one of the most modern and most comprehensive plants in Europe.  As of now, the 2.3 million tons of raw material mined each year from the site can produce aggregates, several limestone grades, crushed limestone, filler, quicklime and hydrated lime.


The Moha site now hosts the best performing hydration unit in Carmeuse Europe. Through this investment Carmeuse confirms its desire to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, today and in the future. It also demonstrates its commitment to sustain and develop the Walloon industrial environment.


Water and lime, solutions for the future

This new hydration facility will allow Carmeuse to deliver more than 100,000 tons of hydrated lime per year. The manufacturing process is based on accurate mixing between lime and water in a closely controlled reaction. Hydrate obtained by this process then undergoes various stages of refinement and size selection, to produce a range of end products to meet the full range of customer requirements.

The plant allows Carmeuse to meet the latest standards in the industry, including those required to supply the food market.


"In a lime market which declined significantly since the 2008 crisis, the opportunities offered by our new hydration facility provide Carmeuse with a competitive edge. Performance products produced from the new unit allow us to evolve and adapt our business to new markets, "says Fabrice Foucart, Director of Environment.  " Hydrated lime is used every day in a multitude of processes and applications essential to our daily lives. It is an approved food additive, and is used  to regulate the acidity of many industrial processes. It is involved in many environmental applications such as remediation of fumes from coal burning power plants and boilers,  and in the treatment of drinking water supplies. It is also utilized in the plastics industry, in construction applications, petrochemicals, agriculture,  and the chemical and pharmaceutical industry "


For many years, as a responsible and efficient company, Carmeuse has employed the latest technology in its industrial processes to minimize its environmental impact, protecting the health of all and respecting natural resources. Studies and projects at Carmeuse aim to develop the tools and expertise that will enable customers to meet their changing needs, and to also open new horizons for the application of its products. The new hydrating plant installed in Moha is continued evidence of that commitment.

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