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Balance between Nature & Industry in Neville Island (Pa, USA)

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Carmeuse is happy to Help Maintain Balance Between Nature & Industry in Neville Island.

The non-profit organization Neville Green has been working to enhance the environment on Neville Island since 1992.
On a winter day on Neville Island, Dorothy Antonelli sits at the dining room table of her home, flipping through printed pictures. 
They’re colorful images, taken in the summertime, of places on the island where she and her fellow volunteers at the non-profit Neville Green plant flowerbeds each growing season. In the beds are several hues of petunias, red sedum grass and blue sage, among other flora...

"Industry on the island supports us almost 100 percent. If it wasn’t for them, we probably couldn’t maintain Neville Green as an organization," said Antonelli, explaining that because Neville Green doesn’t get any assistance from local government, it runs strictly on donations, which industry members contribute to significantly.
"We live in the communities that we work in. A number of our employees live locally here," said Lance Olson, a senior director at the minerals company Carmeuse Lime and Stone, which has a facility on Neville Island. "It’s important to give back to the community and Dorothy is doing marvelous work on an island that is kinda forgotten sometimes."

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