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Founded in 1860, in the middle of the industrial revolution, by Léon Collinet, the Belgian-based, family-owned quarrying operation Carmeuse has grown into a global presence in the limestone and lime products industry.

Limestone used to transported on charriots pulled by horses

Carmeuse succeeded in bringing together several independent quarries to become one of the major Belgian players and in getting through the wars and crises of the 20th century.
Beyond the figures, balance sheets, difficulties and successes, this is the story of a great adventure. The story of thousands of  " Carmeusians " who, throughout a century and a half of work, passion and commitment, contributed to making Carmeuse a Belgian industry flagship worldwide.
At the beginning of the eighties, the company expanded outside its borders. First in the neighboring countries like France and the Netherlands but also in Italy and then rapidly in the United States and Canada.
During the nineties, it continued to grow in Turkey and West Africa.
At the turn of the century, Carmeuse took on a new dimension in Central Europe.
Carmeuse is now one of the major producers of lime and limestone related products including quick lime, hydrated lime and dolomite.  Its products are used in numerous and unsuspected applications providing for daily and essential needs.
An industrial saga of that sort can only be built upon and perpetuated by the unfailing respect of essential values. Such values have guided the " Carmeusians " throughout their history and still prevail today.

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